Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Now Available: 2019 Next-Gen Central Office (NGCO) Resource Site and Report

Now Available: 2019 Next-Gen Central Office Resource Site and Report

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In conjunction with our partner Converge! Network Digest, AvidThink is pleased to announce our new Next-Generation Infrastructure coverage series. To kick off this series, we’ve launched the Next-Generation Central Office (NGCO) resource site, which includes our most recent research report on this hot topic.
With the assistance of Converge!, a respected industry newsletter that has an illustrious 20-year history in technology infrastructure, we are providing technology readers with perspectives and insights from industry leaders like IntelRed HatNokiaEricssonBroadcomNTT Limited, open-source bodies such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (Linux Foundation) and innovative companies such as Ethernity Networks. We’ll be rotating in new content periodically from thought leaders, as well as our sponsors and partners, so keep your eye on the site as we bring you the latest insights into NGCO.
The Next-Generation Central Office is a key element of next-generation infrastructure, playing a key role in roll-outs of 5G, and hosting key virtualized resources for initiatives like SD-WAN and vCPE. These NGCOs that also include cable MSO headends, are brains of a service provider’s (SP) nervous system and they are evolving into something resembling small cloud data centers (sometimes terms as micro-data centers). In each of these NGCOs, legacy fixed-function hardware devices that previously dominated telco infrastructure are replaced by virtual servers, software-defined networks (SDN), and network function virtualization (NFV)-enabled services. As SPs prepare for an onslaught of high-speed devices and bandwidth-hogging content, they face the limits of inflexible, hardware-based centralization and the need to redistribute workloads to be near the demand. The NGCO is a unique location that paves the way.
Our new report covers the following aspects of the NGCO:
  • Market Overview: The Move to Edge Computing
  • The Edge Computing Renaissance with a Halo of Cloud Computing
  • The Changing Carrier Infrastructure Landscape
  • NGCO Characteristics and Technologies
  • Hardware Components and Design including Network Acceleration
  • NGCO Software Foundations, including OPNFV/VCO and CORD
  • Benefits of NGCOs
  • Recommendations and Next Steps for Providers and Enterprises
As well, you can expect coverage of other key trends in next-generation infrastructure over the course of the next few months. In the meantime, we invite you to download our latest report on NGCO from the site and learn about our views on NGCO.
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