Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sprint's mobile hotspot hits 1 Gbps

Sprint is offering mobile hotspot from Inseego Corp. that boasts gigabit-speed performance and enterprise-grade security features.

The MiFi 8000 leverages LTE Advanced-Pro (category 18) technology and 5x carrier aggregation, resulting in higher peak data rates. It allows up to 15 Wi-Fi clients to connect in 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands simultaneously. It also offers IT admin controls, on-board VPN, guest Wi-Fi network, anti-hacking cybersecurity features and advanced enterprise-grade encryption protocols.

“The MiFi 8000 series of gigabit LTE mobile hotspot delivers everything our customers have come to expect from the MiFi brand, with compelling features such as best-in-class security with IT admin controls, the latest advancements in 4G LTE Advanced-Pro technology, and ultra-fast dual-band Wi-Fi,” said Ashish Sharma, CMO and EVP IoT & Mobile Solutions at Inseego. “Inseego solutions provide the missing link for data-hungry enterprise users, SMB, and prosumers who want fast and reliable connections wherever they go, whether it’s a domestic or an international business trip, their home office, or a remote field office.”