Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Gigalight launches 40G QSFP+ ER4 transceiver

Gigalight launched a 40G QSFP+ ER4 40km optical transceiver based on its high-speed APD packaging technology.

The company says 40G remains viable in the optical communications industry especially now that 40G QSFP+ ER4 modules are coming to market.

The Gigalight 40G QSFP+ ER4 40km optical transceiver adopts Gigalight’s self-developed core optical components—40G ER4 TOSA and 40G ER4 ROSA (APD). The module supports OTU3 rate, the typical power consumption at full temperature range is less than 3W, and the sensitivity is up to -22dBm at the error-free transmission. In terms of reliability, the Gigalight 40G QSFP+ ER4 module has passed the reliability test of 2000 hours in a double 85 high temperature and high humidity environment.

The product is expected to be officially launched in July with a sample price of US$650.

Gigalight has developed a high-efficiency and high-yield automated package coupling process, built a mature automation platform, and fully capable of mass production of the device. In addition, the Gigalight 40G QSFP+ ER4 optical modules support customized requirements and are able to respond to and deliver high volume production requirements in a timely manner.