Wednesday, June 26, 2019

China Mobile Pakistan deploys 5G microwave MIMO with Huawei

CMPak (China Mobile Pakistan) and Huawei completed the installation of a long distance microwave MIMO link, which reached 11km with 5Gbps capacity. The 5G microwave MIMO link can stably provide 3.5Gbps capacity and reach maximum 5Gbps with 2* 56 MHz channel spacing. To date, microwave MIMO technology has generally been limited to distances of less than 7km. The companies describe the pilot system as the first commercial use of 5G microwave MIMO solution for large-scale commercial use in Pakistan.

Huawei says its 5G microwave MIMO solution can improve the microwave spectrum efficiency by 100% to double the capacity, shorten the installation distance (Rayleigh distance) by 67%, and reduce the requirement of MIMO deployment of tower space.

The solution uses 5G microwave CA (Carrier Aggregation) technology, which can aggregate 4 carriers into one link. By combining MIMO and CA the companies expect to increase the capacity by 8 times with the same hardware as the traditional 2x2 MIMO solution.