Sunday, May 19, 2019

Huawei shows UHD live streaming over 5G network slice

In a public event conducted with The China Media Group and China Mobile, Huawei demonstrated UHD live streaming through a real end-to-end 5G network slice. The demo is believed to be the first live streaming slice on a 3GPP-compliant 5G SA network.

In the demo, a network slice was dedicated carrying the CCTV 4K live streaming services with the ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency. The test personnel used 4K cameras to shoot videos in the outdoor field of Dong Zhi Meng of China Mobile Beijing. The video streams after being encoded and compressed were backhauled to the 4K TVs through the 5G SA network.

Huawei notes that each network slice is logically isolated from end to end, including terminals, radio access network (RAN), transport networks, and core networks. This meets various requirements in different industries and service scenarios. This verification uses the SA base station, SPN transport network, and brand-new 5GC network from China Mobile to build dedicated channels based on 5G network infrastructure and slice services, for a guaranteed 4K UHD video playback experience. 5G network slicing will be widely used in fields, such as live media broadcasting, smart grid, and mobile gaming.