Wednesday, May 1, 2019

AlCan ONE terrestrial cable to bring 100 Tbps capacity to Alaska

Construction is underway on an all-terrestrial fiber cable linking Alaska with the contiguous United States with a capacity of 100 Tbps.

AlCan ONE (Alaska Canada Overland Network) is a project of MTA, locally owned and operated Alaskan cooperative. MTA said it has secured partnerships with Canadian carriers in order to extend MTA’s existing network from North Pole, Alaska, through Canada and on to any major hub in the United States. Only traffic that both originates and terminates in the United States will be carried over MTA Fiber Holdings’ all-fiber network.

“This new terrestrial network will ensure the future viability and growth of the internet in Alaska,” said Burke. “Alaska’s leaders have talked about a terrestrial fiber optic path out of the state for more than 20 years. We are pleased to be the ones to be able to make this a reality. This will be a major win for the people who live, play and work in Alaska, supporting business, job growth, and ultimately, the state’s economy.”