Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pica8 extends its NOS to more Dell EMC open switches

Pica8 has ported its Linux-based PICOS network operating system (NOS) to new Dell EMC open networking aggregation switches, including the Dell EMC Z9264F-ON, S5248F-ON, and S4128F-ON campus aggregation switches and the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) PoE+ and 60-watt PoE N3024EP-ON access switch. This brings the total number of Pica8-supported Dell EMC open access and campus switches to twelve.

The S5248F-ON is the first open networking switch supported by Pica8 that is based on Broadcom’s latest Trident 3 switching silicon. PICOS enables the S5248F-ON to be deployed as a campus aggregation switch that collects and processes traffic from remote Dell EMC N3000 Series open networking access switches located in branch offices and/or retail stores.

The company also noted that the bundled Pica8 Nymble automation framework software that comes with PICOS can remotely activate, configure and manage the lifecycle of all deployed Dell EMC campus and access switches in a network at the push of a button. 

“PICOS is the only open networking Linux-based NOS in the market that has proven itself in commercial deployments in some of the largest enterprise campus/access networks out there,” said Jeff Paine, SVP of marketing at Pica8. “Pica8 has spent years developing the built-in enterprise feature set – and backward compatibility – and automation capabilities needed to simply step in and replace both legacy-vendor enterprise chassis switches and wiring-closet switch stacks with an intelligent, easy-to-deploy modern architectural alternative.  The economic savings windfall that automatically comes with the type of disaggregated networking hardware and software solutions that Pica8 and Dell EMC are bringing to market is simply the proverbial icing on the cake.”