Tuesday, April 9, 2019

MPLSWC19: Huawei launches NetEngine 8000 metro router

At this week's MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress in Paris, Huawei is introducing its NetEngine 8000 intelligent metro router series. The NetEngine 8000 is optimized for diversified services and massive connections required in the 5G and cloud era.   It delivers one converged transport, ultra-large capacity, end-to-end SRv6, and full-lifecycle automation.


Capacity: NetEngine 8000 series provides a capacity of 14.4T/slot - the highest density in the industry according to Huawei. It supports up to 36 x 400GE ports or 72 x 100GE ports. The compact design of the NetEngine 8000 offers powerful heat dissipation and efficient power supply and the converged platform with SR, PE, and DC-GW.

New protocol stack:  Support SRv6 for intelligent connectivity with the first commercial deployment. The NetEngine 8000 series offer the SRv6 capability, which can effectively cope with the massive connections, provides better user experience, and help operators achieve smooth evolution from MPLS to SRv6.  SRv6 is based on native IPv6 and meets requirements of massive connections. SRv6 also provides the various expansion capabilities to implement automatic cross-domain connection and minute-level service provisioning, achieving one-click connect to cloud of service configurations, performing service awareness with the tenant/app level SLA assurance.

New Way of Operation: Full lifecycle automation. The NetEngine 8000 series use Network Cloud Engine (NCE) to establish intelligent connections - a new O&M system with high availability to implement full-lifecycle automation. NCE + SRv6 can implement 50ms protection, minute-level traffic optimization, second-level fault identification, and minute-level fault locating for any topology. It significantly improve network availability and help operators expand their business in vertical industries in the 5G and cloud era.

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, said: "Years of IP industry experiences have enabled Huawei to innovatively develop an industry’s 1st intelligent metro router with the largest capacity, SRv6-ready, and full-lifecycle intelligent automation. Huawei is leading the intelligent IP networks.”