Thursday, April 25, 2019

ECI enhances its Apollo optical transport with 8x24CDCF ROADM

ECI has enhanced its Apollo optical transport portfolio with the addition of a high performance, contentionless 8x24CDCF ROADM based on wavelength switching technologies. 

ECI said its programmable wavelength switching far surpasses the capabilities of contentionless ROADMs available today, which are based on multicast switches (MCS). The 8x24CDCF ROADM enables add/drop port scaling to support capacity growth while eliminating the need for additional amplification to overcome optical losses in multicast switches. As a result, the 8x24CDCF ROADM offers more density, reliability and power efficiency at a lower cost.

Key features of the 8x24CDCF ROADM include:

  • Reduced cost: Next generation CDC ROADM networks see cost savings due to improved scalability of add/drop ports and removal of superfluous EDFA arrays.
  • Improved performance: Delivers scalability and reliable performance regardless of port count and lessens strict filtering requirements on transmitters and receivers. It also eliminates the performance degradation from out-of-band noise accumulation.
  • Increased Flexibility: Works in conjunction with ECI’s Apollo product line, including the recently debuted TM1200 programmable 1.2T dual channel blade, providing customers with a wide set of ‘mix-n-match’ modules from which they can choose to design the optical network of their choice.

“As mobile network operators (MNOs) prepare their networks for 5G, the demand they face is twofold: they must respond to the ever-increasing consumer demand for bandwidth, while also meeting the demand to remain profitable,” said Jimmy Mizrahi, head of global portfolio at ECI. “Thus, network operators are seeking technologies which allow them to cost-effectively, dynamically deliver and maximize network bandwidth in real time. The 8x24CDCF ROADM with its enhanced scalability, high-caliber performance, next-generation power efficiency and cost-savings is a unique addition to our family of ROADMs within the Apollo optical networking system, in line with our ‘as you like it approach’.”

The 8x24CDCF ROADM is compatible with all Apollo 9600 transport systems.