Tuesday, March 5, 2019

IDT releases Low Power, Multi-rate PAM4 Linear TIA for 200G/400G

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) introduced the first 53 Gbps and 112 Gbps multi-rate Trans-impedance Amplifiers (TIAs) for optical transceivers, active optical cables (AOCs) and On-Board Optics (OBO) applications.

Key attributes and benefits to 200G/400G Datacenter applications include:

  • Low power consumption for PAM4 linear receivers and COBO optics in QSFP-DD and OSFP modules, for example, as low as < 150mW/channel
  • Excellent flat frequency responses and low group delay with wide bandwidth (up to 43GHz) and AGC, which optimizes PAM4 systems for wide dynamic PMD links
  • Very low input referred noise density as low as 10pA/√Hz
  • Compact die size enabling small optical assembly and On-Board Optics assembly for better port density
  • -40°C to 95°C temperature operation range for 5G wireless front-haul applications
  • I2C interface providing on-chip multiple functions, such as control, monitor and alarms

"We are very excited with the technical performance of the 53G/ch and 112G/ch TIA, which works very well with our PAM4 DML, and EML drivers in both data rates," said Dr. Kevin Zhang, director of marketing for datacom products at IDT. "This new generation of TIAs will very well satisfy the high performance challenges required for 100GBASE-LR and 400GBASE LR4 standards and simultaneously consume very low power and deliver a high sensitivity solution for small form factor modules."