Thursday, March 14, 2019

OCP 2019: CBTS brings Carrier Open Infrastructure based on OpenCORD

CBTS (formerly Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions) announced its Carrier Open Infrastructure (COI) reference architecture based on frameworks from the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), open source hardware from the Open Compute Project (OCP) and Open Source VNFs.

CBTS said its goal is to help carriers leverage open source virtual networking functions (VNFs) and common, off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to grow revenue as broadband speeds increase and average revenue per-subscriber (ARPU) declines.

The COI architecture leverages the ONF's Central Office Redefined as a data center (CORD) framework for enabling gigabit access over copper, fiber and wireless.

CBTS 10GB XGS-PON Access Solutions 
CO-OLT24XG-PON is a powerful next-generation OpenCORD-compatible 1RU PON access platform designed for remote terminal (RT) and/or central office (CO) applications. It features:

• High-performance processor to ensure device stability and OpenFlow control plane performance
• Interoperability with SDN controllers including OpenDaylight, ONOS and Commercial-source
• 24 Port x XFP XGS-PON + 6 x 100GE ports
• G.9807.1 10G PON MAC
• Up to 256 ONTs/2048 service flows per PON port
• Non-Blocking line rate architecture to forward packet flows at wire speeds on all ports
• Deep packet buffers for high-speed packet processing
• HQoS support
• Service rate limiting for both U/S and D/S.
• Flexibility to define a wide range of match-action table processing (OpenFlow1.3 + multi-table pipelines)
• Guaranteed fast failover (link or device) by supporting large number of flow mod/sec

• XGS-PON SFU (Single Family Unit) XG-99K – ITU-T G.9807 compliant 10GB downstream and upstream XGS-PON interface supports triple-play services including voice, video, and high-speed internet access service
o Compliant with standard OMCI definition, manageable at remote side, supports the full range FCAPS functions including supervision, monitoring and maintenance
• XGS PON ONT SFP XG-99S Plug-in – ITU-T G.9807 compliant XGS-PON interface replaces the Ethernet SFP+ module existing in Ethernet gateway, switch, router and backhaul equipment
o OMCI stack provides all XGS PON functionalities and full range FCAPS management features including supervision, monitoring and maintenance

“We developed COI and our new OCP-based optical access solutions in response to the pressing need we see to support carriers straining to conduct national expansion initiatives in the face of ongoing subscriber demand for higher bandwidth and increased competition driving subscription fees down,” said Greg Harrison, SVP of Service Provider at OnX/CBTS. “These developments build on our long history of success in SDN projects for the world’s largest carriers and on our deep commitment to industry open source initiatives including ONF and OCP. We look forward to continuing to build on the momentum we have created with COI, and to innovating even further with the help of our growing community.”