Wednesday, February 27, 2019

NeoPhotonics ships MEMS Based Variable Optical Attenuator

NeoPhotonics announced the general availability of a new ultra-compact FVOA-9000 MEMs based variable optical attenuator targetted at mini-EDFAs, pluggable coherent modules and compact line cards.

The new FVOA-9000 builds on NeoPhotonics' FVOA-5000/8000 product line which has been in volume production for more than a decade.  The new device improves key performance measures while achieving a significant size reduction of nearly 70% in the global component footprint. NeoPhotonics says the new FVOA-9000 achieves response times of less than 2 milliseconds along with lower wavelength dependent loss, making it well-suited for transient suppression in EDFA optical amplifiers. 

In addition to a reduction in the size of the TO can hermetic package, the FVOA-9000 does not require an external ESD protection board, further decreasing its overall use footprint in system design.  Its compact size is a significant advantage when used in next-generation applications where size is a critical factor, such as Mini-EDFAs, compact pluggable coherent modules and compact line cards and transponders.

“We are very excited to see very strong customer adoption of this new compact FVOA-9000 and enhancing our long-running line of MEMS VOAs, continuing our commitment to optical components for system control,” said Tim Jenks, Chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics.  “This exciting innovation expands our existing line of passive multiplexers, demultiplexers and power monitors to support next-generation systems for telecom, data center interconnects and 5G wireless,” continued Mr. Jenks.