Wednesday, February 20, 2019

ADVA posts Q4 revenue of EUR 131.5 million, up 12% YoY

ADVA reported revenues of EUR 131.5 million for Q4 2018, up by 4.2% from EUR 126.2 million in Q3 2018 and up by 12.2% from EUR 117.2 million in the same year-ago period. Pro forma operating income for Q4 2018 was EUR 8.1 million (6.2% of revenues), compared to EUR 6.8 million (5.4% of revenues) in Q3 2018 and a pro forma operating income of EUR 4.5 million in the same year-ago period. Net income for Q4 2018 was EUR 3.6 million, down from EUR 3.9 million in Q3 2018 and significantly improved in comparison to the same year-ago period net loss of EUR 0.9 million.

"We have steered a steady course in these turbulent times, remaining focused on our key goals to ensure both stability and continuity,” said Uli Dopfer, CFO, ADVA. “In all four quarters of 2018, we were able to increase our revenues sequentially. Our profitability also developed in a positive direction. In addition to successfully developing existing customers, we have won important new projects in all regions. At the same time, consolidation in our industry has further reduced the number of competitors, further sharpening our profile as an innovative telecommunications supplier with a unique blend of innovation and customer focus.”

“Digitization continues to transform networks and drive the investment focus towards us,” commented Brian Protiva, CEO, ADVA. “The rapid development and rollout of artificial intelligence, edge computing solutions, IoT and 5G require a robust and scalable telecommunications infrastructure with greater optical transmission capacity, new models for providing communication services, and increasingly precise network synchronization. Our key investments address each of these issues and clearly underline the value of our acquisition strategy. From this solid base, we’re creating new growth opportunities that we will capitalize on.”