Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Digital Realty brings Internet Exchange to Chicago and Ashburn, Virginia

Digital Realty is expanding its Internet Exchange service to Chicago and Ashburn, Virginia.

The Digital Realty Internet Exchange Platform, or “DRIX,” is currently available at the company's data centers in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix, connecting a variety of facilities within each of these metros to the peering platform. The service is a neutral, privately-owned Internet exchange that provides performance peering platform across a broad cross-section of carriers, cloud service providers and digital media companies.

“The explosion of IP traffic has created the need for a highly scalable, reliable and cost-efficient internet exchange solution,” said Digital Realty Chief Technology Officer Chris Sharp.  “Our track record as a stable, trusted business partner has enabled us to reduce the complexities of interconnection for our customers, deliver innovative ways to simplify provisioning and improve their network performance for a better end-user experience.”