Wednesday, December 19, 2018

MACOM intros Ultra Low Phase Noise Amplifier

MACOM introduced a new portfolio of wideband, ultra low phase noise amplifiers. The first device in the series (MAAL-011151) is suited for use as a low phase noise amplifier stage for signal generation applications spanning a host of system designs targeting test and measurement (T&M), EW, ECM, and radar.

MACOM said phase noise is a critical specification in defining the frequency stability of a signal source, with significant implications for receiver sensitivity performance. Its new MAAL-011151 minimizes phase noise contribution in providing LO signal gain, enhancing spectral integrity for T&M and communications systems, target acquisition for radar, and aerospace and defense (A&D) applications.

“With the introduction of MACOM’s new MAAL-011151 ultra low phase noise amplifiers, we’re investing in a growing portfolio of signal generation components that encompasses high-performance comb generators, mixers, and more,” said Graham Board, Senior Director of Product Marketing, MACOM. “As we expand this portfolio to include additional discrete amplifiers covering additional frequencies, and integrated low phase noise LO modules, system designers will benefit from seamless device compatibility and exceptional performance across the signal chain, with decades of MACOM application expertise to help them achieve their aggressive design goals.”