Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Windstream Enterprise expands Cloud Connect

Windstream Enterprise is expanding the number of network on ramps to meet the demands of customers who need dedicated, predictable connectivity to third-party cloud service providers (CSPs). The company said its newest route anticipates continued growth and importance of Dallas-Fort Worth.  Expansion of this route affords customers access to major markets in Texas as well as easy access to other growing markets like Phoenix, Las Vegas and cities in Silicon Valley.

Windstream's Cloud Connect service provides highly-available and fault-tolerant connections directly to leading CSPs.

“Our ongoing investment to expand Cloud Connect demonstrates our commitment to meet growing customer demand,” said Joseph Harding, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Windstream Enterprise and Wholesale. “The regional Southwest is growing rapidly and has become a hub for the major CSPs like AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform.”