Monday, November 12, 2018

IDC: Worldwide telecom service revenue is flat -- 0.6% growth for 2018

Worldwide spending on Telecom Services and Pay TV Services will increase by 0.6% in 2018 (in constant dollar terms) to $1.65 trillion, according to the IDC Worldwide Telecom Services Database, a notable decrease compared to the rate recorded in 2017 (1.2%).

IDC says the dip is mostly the consequence of new accounting rules introduced since the start of this year: mobile operators are now obliged to completely exclude their handset sales revenues from service revenues, which has had a negative impact on service revenues although the overall effect is neutral as handset sales would have gone up.

"This is, of course, just a momentary effect," said Kresimir Alic, senior program manager, IDC Worldwide Telecom Services Database. "We believe that the growth rate will recover as soon as next year." Over of the 2017-2022 forecast period, the market is expected to remain in a positive mood, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.8%.

Additional highlights from IDC:

  • Mobile will remain the largest market segment for telecom revenues and its share is expected to reach 52% of the total market in 2018. 
  • The mobile market is set to grow at five-year CAGR of 1.2%
  • Increased mobile data usage and expanding M2M applications is offsetting declines in spending on mobile voice and messaging services. 
  • Fixed data services are expected to represent 22% of total spending in 2018 and is set to grow at a 4% CAGR through 2022.
  • Spending on fixed voice services will decline at a -5% CAGR over the forecast period and will represent less than 9% of the total market by 2022.
  • The Americas will remain the largest services market with revenues of $624 billion in 2018. 
  • Asia/Pacific will follow in second place with $541 billion in revenues.
  • EMEA is third with revenues $483 billion.

"Developed and mature markets will only show marginal gains now, driven by technology migration and bandwidth needs," said Eric Owen, group vice president, EMEA Telecommunications & Networking. "Most operators are now looking to invest in 5G and are struggling with the return on investment given the mature nature of the markets. Success will demand innovative and agile thinking from the operators coupled with some help from regulators in highly competitive markets such as Europe."