Monday, October 29, 2018

Trend Micro and NTT DOCOMO collaborate on 5G security

Trend Micro announced a partnership with NTT DOCOMO to develop a new solution for the demands of the 5G era built upon the recently announced Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS) on NTT DOCOMO’s “docomo 5G open cloud.”

Specifically, this solution works together when the Trend Micro VNFS executes on “docomo 5G open cloud.” Then the security threats hidden in traffic of various services executed on the cloud are visualized, detected, and ultimately blocked by Trend Micro. This provides a secure 5G environment to users and protects against IoT devices that don’t incorporate additional security.

The “docomo 5G open cloud” is a 5G technology verification environment provided to business partners for the purpose of creating a new solution in the 5G era. Trend Micro VNFS is the network security solution that implements network security functions on virtualized environments such as NFV and cloud, and can dynamically apply the necessary security functions for each IoT device.