Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ciena launches cloud-based analytics-as-a-service

Ciena is launching a cloud-based analytics-as-a-service offering to help network providers translate network performance data into actionable insights.

Ciena said its Insights Service, which builds on its existing consulting practice, consolidates a wide array of analytics-based capabilities into a single, multi-tiered service offering designed to ensure networks are securely “fit for flexibility” today and into the future.

The offer is available in three tiers of service and through a subscription-based model. Highlights:

  • Discover: gives network operations personnel greater visibility into network assets, service availability, network health, and areas of risk.
  • Analyze: uses machine learning capabilities to process trend information to create actionable insights for network optimization.
  • Predict: helps network operators head off issues before they occur to prevent customer churn or costly outages and preemptively determines the best direction for optimizing and transforming the network to further improve network availability, customer satisfaction, lower operational costs and more.

“Our holistic analytics approach enables a smooth transition path for network providers to evolve toward building more adaptive networks. Each customer’s analytics needs are unique in this journey. We’ve designed our Analytics portfolio so customers can easily choose and deploy the analytics services and/or software applications that best meet their needs today, while gaining the flexibility to add capabilities as their analytics strategy evolves,” stated Ricardo Warfield, Vice President of Global Services, Ciena.