Sunday, September 23, 2018

ECOC 2018: NeoPhotonics cites progress with 64 GBaud for 600G

At ECOC 2018L NeoPhotonics is reporting that its suite of 64 GBaud optical components for coherent systems are currently being used by multiple major customers to develop systems with 600G per wavelength transport capacity.   64 GBaud components double the symbol rate over standard 100G (32 GBaud) coherent systems.

NeoPhotonics' suite consists of three components:

  • 64 GBaud CDM:  NeoPhotonics 64 GBaud, polarization multiplexed, quadrature coherent driver modulator (CDM) is shipping in limited availability and features a co-packaged InP modulator with a linear, high bandwidth, differential driver in a compact package designed to be compliant with the anticipated OIF Implementation Agreement.
  • 64 GBaud Micro-ICR:  NeoPhotonics Class 40 High Bandwidth Micro-Intradyne Coherent Receiver (Micro-ICR) is in volume production and is designed for 64 GBaud symbol rates, doubling the bandwidth of standard 100G ICRs. The compact package is designed to be compliant with the OIF Implementation Agreement OIF-DPC-MRX-02.0.
  • Low Profile Micro-TL:  NeoPhotonics ultra-narrow linewidth external cavity tunable laser features very low phase noise and power consumption and has been proven in volume production. It is now configured in a smaller, lower profile package that is compliant with the OIF Implementation Agreement OIF-MicroITLA-01.

These components work together to enable customers to implement single wavelength 600G or dual wavelength 1.2T data transmission over data center interconnect (DCI) distances of 80 km. 

“We are working closely with customers to provide a matched suite of high speed optical components for 600G per wavelength to enhance system performance and reduce time to market,” said Tim Jenks, Chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics.  “With our next generation highly integrated COSA, operating at 64 Gbaud and beyond, and our Nano-Tunable Laser, we are working to enable highly compact pluggable 400G modules,” continued Mr. Jenks.

The company says three OEM customers have elected to use all three of these components in their development, while additional customers have elected to use a subset of the NeoPhotonics 64 GBaud coherent component suite.  The components also support 400G over metro distances of 400-600 km using 64 GBaud and 16 QAM or 200G over long-haul distances of greater than 1000 km using 64 GBaud and QPSK.

In addition, at 16:10 pm on Tuesday, September 25th Dr. Winston Way, NeoPhotonics’ CTO Systems, will present a paper entitled “Next-Generation Coherent Pluggable Transceivers in a CDC ROADM Based Optical Network” at the ECOC 2018 Exhibition Market Focus session entitled: “Optical Network Agility/Software Defined Networks.”