Wednesday, September 26, 2018

ECOC 2018: Sicoya shows 100G Embedded Optical Module, 400G DR4

At ECOC 2018, Sicoya held private demonstrations of one chip 100G solutions based on its SETR-CDR-E100 Silicon Photonic Engine, which integrates CDRs, TIAs, drivers, modulators, and PINs. The engine enables QSFP28 transceivers using chip on board assembly technology or embedded optical modules utilizing Sicoya's optical ASIC packaging solution.


  • a 100G Embedded Optical Module (EOM) that comes in a 20x20mm BGA ASIC package. The EOM can be soldered to the main board and is optically pluggable utilizing Sicoyas optical connector system. 
  • sampling of the SETR-E400 monolithically integrated Silicon Photonic 400G DR4 engine along with the SIGT-I200 400Gb/s PAM4 Gearbox starts in Q4 2018 to selected partners.

  • Sicoya, founded in January 2015, is a spin-off from TU Berlin based on continuous R&D in Silicon Photonics since 2007.