Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Servato intros unified rectifier and battery management for cell sites

Servato, a start-up based in New Orleans, introduced its Smart Power System solutions suite for remote battery management. Servato supplies its active battery management solutions to telecom, power, transportation, and solar companies.

The SPS-R is a unified rectifier power and battery manage solution that integrates the functionality of Servato’s SPS-248 battery management system with GE’s Rectifier Modules.

Servato said it is taking remote power management to the next level to offer the combined value of battery management systems with a highly power efficient rectifier solution from GE. 

“We believe this is the next evolution in smart rectifiers,” said Chris Mangum, CEO of Servato.  “Our battery management solutions have always been IoT-enabled, giving carriers the ability to monitor and maintain systems remotely to save on costly manual intervention.  Now, we are doing it for both back-up power, battery management, and rectifier solutions. This is the future now and demonstrates how two important components of a carriers’ power infrastructure have been combined to offer unprecedented value.”