Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cloudera Data Warehouse handles 50 PB loads

Cloudera Data Warehouse entered general availability status. The service is a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse for storing, analyzing and managing data in public clouds and on-premises. The company said its hybrid, cloud-native architecture routinely handles 50 PB data workloads, delivering sub-microsecond query performance and serving clusters with hundreds of compute nodes.

NYSE is using Cloudera to run over 80,000 queries a day on petabytes of data, while adding 30 TB of fresh data daily.

"Before Cloudera, several data warehouse appliances were necessary to support our complex analytic requirements including market surveillance and member compliance analysis. Because the warehouse appliances could not scale we were forced to silo our data by market," said Steve Hirsch, Chief Data Officer, Intercontinental Exchange / NYSE.

The company also announced the availability of Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse, a data warehouse as-a-service, built with the same Cloudera Data Warehouse hybrid, cloud-native architecture.