Sunday, July 22, 2018

Majority of TOP500 supercomputers connect with Infiniband

InfiniBand now powers four of the top five supercomputer systems, according to The InfinBand Trade Association and based on the latest TOP500 List. This includes Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Summit system, which currently holds the title of world's fastest supercomputer

IBTA said InfiniBand technology continues to dominate the HPC category of the TOP500 List, representing nearly 60% of all HPC systems listed, due to its network bandwidth, latency, scalability and efficiency metrics.

The trade association notes that almost half of the platforms in the latest results can be categorized as non-HPC, most of which are Ethernet-based. There is a growing number of RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) capable systems, which constitute over 30% of total Ethernet listings.

“As the makeup of the world’s fastest supercomputers evolve to include more non-HPC systems such as cloud and hyperscale, the IBTA remains confident in the InfiniBand Architecture’s flexibility to support the increasing variety of demanding deployments,” said Bill Lee, IBTA Marketing Working Group Co-Chair.