Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Daniele Mancuso, Sparkle: Planned MEF 3.0 PoC Demos at MEF18

MEF Annual Meeting, Daniele Mancuso, Director of Innovation & Engineering, Sparkle, shares about MEF initiatives that the Italian-based operator has been involved in and provides a preview of Sparkle’s major role in the Proof of Concept Showcase at the MEF18 event, 29 Oct. – 2 Nov. in Los Angeles.  Daniele highlights planned participation in three MEF18 PoC demonstrations:

1.  Sparkle has been a key contributor to the MEF 3.0 Service Fulfillment and Activation project, which is implemented on MEFnet and is expected showcased at MEF18. This project focuses on developing answers to the challenge of orchestrating services across multiple service providers.  Sparkle is acting as a transit service provider and has developed test case scenarios related to the LSO Sonata, LSO Interlude, and LSO Cantata reference points and associated APIs.

 2.  Sparkle and a partner plan a MEF18 POC demo focused on a technology-vendor agnostic SD-WAN implementation with the goal of leap-frogging beyond standard universal CPEs based on virtual machines to a new solution that could serve as a baseline for multi-vendor, orchestrated SD-WAN.

3. In another MEF18 PoC demo, Sparkle is working with other service providers and technology vendors to build a circle of commercial trust built on blockchain technology.

Filmed at the MEF Annual Members meeting in Nashville.

See video: https://youtu.be/AMqBNRfvMjs