Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cable ONE Selects Telia Carrier to Enhance IP Service Delivery

Cable ONE, a top 10 cable company based in Phoenix, Arizona, has selected Telia Carrier's IP Transit and backbone services to support growing customer demand across the 21 states they serve. Cable ONE has approximately 800,000 customers.

Cable ONE is laying the foundation for increased access to fiber capacity with the addition of 100G wavelength services on Telia Carrier’s global fiber backbone. The optical wavelengths will provide dedicated, high-bandwidth network capacity and low latency. Combined with enhanced geographic diversity, resilient infrastructure and closer proximity to the edge, Cable ONE is well placed to support the increasing needs of its customers in the markets they serve.

“Businesses today demand the highest-quality online experience to best serve their customers. Cable ONE understands this and is committed to providing those consumers with the highest-speed, most-resilient, dedicated bandwidth,” said Rob Pulkownik, director of market development, Telia Carrier, Inc. “The fact that Cable ONE chose Telia Carrier to deliver our services to meet these demands highlights our ability to turn up capacity quickly, while also providing a global backbone capable of meeting their demands now and in the future. We’re committed to partnering with Cable ONE to help them better serve their customers.”