Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kaiam releases enhanced 100G “CWDM4+" transceivers

Kaiam is releasing an enhanced series of 100G “CWDM4+” transceivers.

Kaiam said its enhanced transceivers offer substantially higher performance than the CWDM4 standard. Specifically, the enhanced CWDM4+ transceivers provide -1dBm minimum Tx OMA, 3dB more than required by the CWDM4 standard. This, in turn, supports 3dB more link budget than the CWDM4 standard requires, supporting more robust links in the face of various real-world data center link impairments.

“Kaiam is uniquely positioned to address the data center deployment issues encountered by our customers,” stated Jeremy Dietz, VP of Global Sales & Marketing. “By enabling more link budget and delivering higher reliability than standard products, many of these issues can be avoided. We have moved the technology needle considerably, proving that the CWDM4 standard specs are overly conservative in today’s world. Our recently expanded production capacity in Livingston, UK combined with that from our partnership with Broadex provides customers with quick access to improved value.”

Kaim also noted that it is able to exceed MSA specifications without additional cost.