Monday, June 11, 2018

Huawei showcases Intent-driven Networking at CEBIT 2018

Huawei is showcasing Intent-Driven Network (IDN) solution for vertical industry sectors at this week's CEBIT 2018 fair in  Hannover, Germany.

"The integration of the Internet into industries has brought the first wave of digital dividends and continues to penetrate into global industrial markets. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will set off another round of digital economy growth," said Kevin Hu, President of Huawei's Network Product Line. "Huawei hopes to drive in-depth integration of ICT infrastructure, AI, and industry-specific production systems through its IDN solution, thereby accelerating digital transformation across industries and contributing to the business success of industrial customers."

Huawei said its goal with intent-driven networking is to enable enterprise customers to leverage automation for launching new services. For the financial industry, Huawei is showing IDN in ultra-large cloud data centers. A single data center network cluster system can elastically scale to support 100,000 servers.

For high-performance AI computing, Huawei's IDN solution features an Ultra-High-Speed Lossless Ethernet AI Fabric, which leverages unique congestion scheduling to shorten AI training times.

For government and enterprise campus networks, Huawei's IDN solution provides full-lifecycle cloud-based management and an open platform. These offerings enable online planning, rapid deployment, elastic scaling, and on-demand provisioning while also greatly improving the Internet access experience of network-wide users by leveraging Big Data analytics and AI.

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