Wednesday, June 20, 2018

6WIND supplies vRouters to Minorisa, an ISP in Spain

Minorisa de Sistemas Informáticos y de Gestión, an Internet Service Provider based in Spain, has migrated its infrastructure and adopted 6WIND's vRouters as core routers for its network.

After running out of throughput capacity for its legacy hardware routers, Minorisa evaluated

6WIND's 40G Turbo Router software appliances replaced legacy Cisco hardware routers that ran out of capacity. 6WIND said its vRouters also helped Minorisa's broader architecture transition to white box networking by replacing its legacy Cisco and MikroTik hardware with software.

6WIND's vRouter delivers performance up to 12 Mpps per core of IP Forwarding, 18 Gbps per core of IPsec, up to 1 million routes and 100,000 IPsec tunnels. Performance scales with the numbers of cores and hardware advancements, allowing Minorisa to move from 40G to 100G without redesigning its network.

"6WIND's vRouters exist to give growing ISPs such as Minorisa the highest performance in a full featured software router to replace hardware," said Eric Carmès, Founder and CEO of 6WIND. "We are proud to announce Minorisa's successful migration to 6WIND vRouters as part of its broader initiative for a full transition to white box networking."

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