Friday, May 25, 2018

Gemalto and Qualcomm to integrate eSIM into Snapdragon Mobile PCs

Gemalto is working with Qualcomm to integrate eSIM technology and remote subscription management solutions with Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile PC platform.

The companies said this paves the way for iSIM commercialization on a growing range of Always Connected PCs, laptops and tablets.

Mobile operators will benefit by having a larger addressable base of connected devices and a trusted platform for secure services.

The first wave of Always Connected PCs to incorporate Snapdragon mobile PC platforms featuring Gemalto’s technology are expected as early as 2019.

“This new agreement with Qualcomm Technologies aims at accelerating adoption of seamless cellular connectivity in PCs, tablets and other mobile products,” said Frédéric Vasnier, executive vice president for Mobile and IoT at Gemalto. “We are committed to continued innovation with Qualcomm Technologies in order to provide superior built-in security and connectivity experiences.”