Tuesday, April 10, 2018

RAD announces vAccess, Service Delivery and Assurance VNF for vCPE

RAD introduced a new capability called vAccess that allows deployment of VNFs over any access.

The new vAccess capability, which is already in use by a Tier 1 operator in North America, is part of RAD’s Service Assured Access solutions and is designed to help service providers quickly roll out vCPE services.

RAD said vAccess upgrades any white box operating system to carrier-grade level by adding VNF assurance capabilities and, when combined with ots pluggable physical network functions (P-PNFs), adds missing network capabilities such as CE2.0 demarcation and interfaces such as xDSL, PON, and legacy TDM.

“vAccess allows operators to get on the SDN/NFV bandwagon today. They can benefit from white boxes’ cost savings while providing any virtualized service, such as vSD-WAN, vRouter, and vEncryption over whatever access infrastructure they have installed,” said Ilan Tevet, VP Marketing and Business Development at RAD.

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