Friday, April 20, 2018

Optelian offer 100G, temperature hardened muxponder

Optelian introduces a 100G hardened (OSP compliant) muxponder designed for 5G upgrades, remote business services access and fiber deep architectures.

Optelian said its new MPX-9103 100G muxponder does not require a temperature controlled shelter or facility. The device can aggregate up to ten 10G client side circuits onto a 100G line side interface.

The 1 RU “pizza box” can use commercially available 100G CFP transceivers for flexibility, including SR, LR and DCO variants from a number of suppliers. It provides full OTN capability.

“Demand is growing for high bit-rate edge devices, so we are excited to launch a best-in-class 100G OSP solution that achieves 100G transport capacity while utilizing the advances in 100G CFP technology,” said Scott Agnew, vice president of R&D, Optelian. “In addition, the MPX-9103 provides the reliability, extended operating temperature and much shallower depth expected for smaller OSP cabinets.”

The MPX-9103 has undergone NEBS qualification and is now commercially available.