Tuesday, April 3, 2018

JetStream launches cross-cloud data management platform

JetStream Software, a start-up based in San Jose, California, emerged from stealth to introduce its cross-cloud data management platform.

The JetStream Cross-Cloud Platform promises a better way to support workload migration, resource elasticity, and business continuity across multi-cloud and multi-data center infrastructures. The company says its platform will provide “built for the cloud” data management capability in an all-software, hypervisor-integrated solution for multi-cloud, multi-data center operations. The platform will be designed to complement VMware-based cloud infrastructures offered by VMware Cloud Provider Partners and VMware Cloud on AWS. Beta testing is underway.

Jetstream was founded by CTO Serge Shats, CEO Tom Critser and President Rich Petersen, each of whom had been at FlashSoft Software, which was acquired by SanDisk in 2012.