Monday, April 2, 2018

Arista debuts 25G and 100G systems

Arista Networks introduced its new generation of 25G and 100G platforms for leaf and spine switching and routing and feature new capabilities for visibility, load balancing, network segmentation, and scale.

The fixed form factor Arista 7050X3 and 7260X3 Series platforms are based on the Broadcom Trident 3 and Tomahawk 2 chipsets running Arista EOS for rich automation and visibility.

Arista said it has been able to scale performance at a tenfold increase in just seven years, enabling versatile two-tier cloud networks.

Here is the line up.

7260CX3 supports up to 64 ports of 100G or 12.8Tbps with up to 4.2Bpps of packet forwarding in 2U and a 42MB packet buffer

7050X3 Series offers consistent features and innovations in two models:

  • The 7050CX3-32S is a compact 1U with 32 ports of 100G
  • The 7050SX3-48YC12 delivers high density 25G server and 100G uplinks

Pricing starts at under $800/100G port for the 64 x 100G system.

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