Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Anova claims wireless network delivers lowest latency from Chicago to Wash DC at 3.4ms

Anova Technologies, which specializes in connectivity for the financial sectors, announced the activation of a long haul wireless network between Aurora, IL and 1275 K St., Washington D.C.

The Aurora facility is a data center for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Washington address is used by the Department of Labor and is where important macro-economic releases are delivered.

Anova's network has the capability to bi-directionally transmit 150Mbps, with client port-to-client port latencies measured at 3.4ms one-way from Aurora, IL to Washington D.C. The company says this path is the fastest commercial network between these locations.

“We have always been active in providing capacity out of Washington, D.C. for this type of data; our path from New Jersey to D.C. has been up for over four years. And when you add our recently acquired CME to NY4 route to this network – Anova now owns and operates a triangle of long haul wireless connectivity between all three major U.S. financial centers: the CME in Aurora, the New Jersey equities & FX exchanges and the news epicenter of Washington D.C. No other provider has this,” stated Mike Persico, founder and CEO of Anova Technologies.

Anova now has almost 3000 total kilometers of active RF network across long haul and metro regions.

  • Anovva is developing two proprietary networking platforms:
    The Relay - an FPGA-based endpoint termination device that optimizes layer 1 for latency while democratizes queuing & fail-over. The company claims zero queuing cross customers at the bit level. 
  •  Laser Transport System (LTS) - a data transmission platform that simulcasts across two frequencies (MMW and laser) and selects the best packet in real time using Dynamic Packet Resourcing (DPR) thus enabling fiber-like availability at wireless speed.

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