Tuesday, April 10, 2018

ADVA brings zero touch provisioning to network edge devices

ADVA introduced its new line of FSP 150 ProNID network edge devices featuring zero touch provisioning.

ADVA said its automated deployment capability removes the need for all manual intervention in the provisioning, testing and activation of demarcation equipment. Zero touch provisioning avoids the expense and effort caused by human error and significantly improves scalability. The technology utilizes cryptographic methods to safely authenticate devices and ensure the integrity of software and configuration data.

Automated device configuration and service provisioning was already supported by ADVA’s NFVI software solution (Ensemble Connector).

“Make no mistake, zero touch automation is set to transform the communication service industry. This one disruptive innovation will instantly reduce complexity and cost like nothing we’ve seen before. That’s why we’ve injected zero touch provisioning into our edge devices and why we’re committed to automation across our full technology range. And, as automation mustn’t come at the expense of security, we’re also combining it with strong security controls,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, COO, ADVA.

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