Monday, April 16, 2018

ADTRAN launches cloud-managed residential Wi-Fi

ADTRAN introduced a new cloud-managed whole home mesh Wi-Fi solution enabling Service Providers to deliver ubiquitous coverage, automated Wi-Fi performance enhancements and improved security.

The ADTRAN SDX 810-RG and 810-AP enhance ADTRAN’s SD-Access portfolio enabling Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi functionality in the home. Highlights include:

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Platform for machine learning to maximize performance & adapt to the environment
  • Dynamic Steering matches consumer with best available signal
  • Air Time Fairness ensures a fast lane for newer devices
  • Leverages Mosaic Suite tools to automatically provide security updates and parental controls

“Consumers will see a dramatic improvement in how their Wi-Fi performs throughout their home—Wi-Fi that just works,” ADTRAN Wi-Fi Technology and Strategy Manager Ken Fernandes said. “We’re bringing ADTRAN’s proven enterprise-class technology to resolve new challenges in the home around coverage, interference and capacity.”