Thursday, March 22, 2018

Telstra speed tests Samsung Galaxy S9 over 1 Gbps

Telstra has measured downlink performance to a Samsung Galaxy S9 in excess of 1 Gbps.

The tests were conducted on the Telstra 4GX service.

Telstra’s gigabit-enabled coverage is available in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs (3km radius), Brisbane and Adelaide CBDs (2.0 km radius), and a number of sites in selected high traffic locations. Gigabit LTE deployment is also underway in the Perth CBD.

“Cracking the magic gigabit mark on smartphones is an exciting milestone. As smartphones evolve and we move into the 5G era there will be a new raft of sophisticated features that are enabled by reliably fast data speeds. High-quality augmented reality, virtual personal assistants that anticipate needs and virtual doctors that monitor vital signs are just some of the technologies that are on the horizon,” stated Kevin Teoh, Telstra’s Head of Mobiles.

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