Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Mellanox debuts its Onyx Ethernet Network Operating System

Mellanox Technologies released a next-generation Ethernet network operating system for its Mellanox Spectrum Open Ethernet switches.

Mellanox Onyx OS provides a rich Layer-3 feature set with built-in dynamic routing protocols such as BGP/OSFP. It features a robust control plane and 64-way ECMP support, which Mellanox says can be used to construct large, scale-out L3 fabrics for data centers.

Additional capabilities include:

  • support for standard DevOps tools like Ansible and Puppet
  • smart hooks to automate network provisioning for high-performance workloads such as storage and artificial intelligence
  • support to run containerized applications on the switch system itself
  • buffer and link monitoring that leverage Mellanox Spectrum’s unique silicon level capabilities.

The Mellanox Onyx OS is aimed at cloud, hyperscale, enterprise, media & entertainment, storage, and high-performance Ethernet-based interconnect applications.

“Mellanox Onyx brings leading management, provisioning, automation and network visibility to data centers and cloud infrastructures, to deliver the best scalability, performance and overall return on investment,” said Yael Shenhav, vice president of products at Mellanox Technologies. “Mellanox Onyx also offers a mature Layer-3 feature-set, with integrated support for standard Devops tools, allowing customers to run third party containerized applications with complete SDK access. By utilizing Mellanox Onyx’s leading capabilities, our customers can enjoy the benefits of an industry-standard Layer-2 and Layer3 feature-set along with the ability to customize and optimize the network to their specific needs.”

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