Monday, February 19, 2018

Megaport adds direct connectivity to Salesforce

Megaport launched its elastic interconnection service for direct, scalable connectivity to the Salesforce Platform.

The connectivity to Salesforce is available in two markets from North America (San Jos and Ashburn) and one market from EMEA (Frankfurt). Additional data centers are in the planning phases for 2018. Megaport users will be able to provision private, secure, and direct connections to the Salesforce Platform services from 185+ Megaport enabled data centres.

As a Salesforce Express Connect Partner, Megaport can boost performance, increase application reliability, as well as help meet industry regulatory and compliance demands by establishing a direct, private connection to the Salesforce infrastructure through its global SDN.

“Salesforce has revolutionised the way that businesses go to market and has fundamentally transformed how companies build digital relationships with customers,” said Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer, Megaport. “This agreement enables both companies to help drive protected, private, direct connectivity. Megaport has developed a set of tools and features that make it very easy for organizations of all sizes and varying technical capabilities to directly connect to the Salesforce Platform.”

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