Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Windstream extends core network to content and media customers

Windstream has expanded its nationwide core network into the Columbus, Ohio, market.

The carrier reports increased customer demand,  primarily within the content and media industries in this market.

Windstream said it completed its Columbus turn-up of multiple terabyte connectivity within just 30 days from customer order to acceptance – a testament to the company’s agility and commitment to rapidly addressing cloud connectivity and networking needs.

Windstream’s optical SDN footprint now exceeds more than 50 markets across the United States, enabling a rapidly growing number of transport customers – including large enterprise organizations, international carriers, ISPs, hyperscale cloud operators, streaming content providers, etc.

“Our nationwide SDN deployment gives Windstream a solid programmable network that supports intent-based, on-demand automation of wavelength services – ideal for enterprises, content providers, large-scale e-commerce houses and more – in a fast-growing number of markets,” said John Nishimoto, Windstream vice president of transport product management. “In addition to consistently driving down service installation intervals, we’re delivering value to our customers today that networking-as-a-service proponents have been promising for years.”

  • In October 2017, Windstream announced a major expansion of its SDN Orchestrated Waves (SDNow) transport service.

    SDNow, which is a high-speed optical wave service delivered using a centralized, programmable SDN environment – is now available in 50 markets across the U.S., including major cloud connectivity and peering locations in the United States.  The service was first launched in May.

    The Windstream network leverages multi-vendor service orchestration and automated provisioning. This enables customers to order SDNow 10G point-to-point circuits for 1,500 long-haul route combinations, with delivery in 20 days.

    “This SDNow expansion brings the benefits of SDN-provisioned service to even more transport customers across our national footprint – a definite game-changer for Windstream,” said Joseph Harding, executive vice president and enterprise chief marketing officer at Windstream. “With its accelerated 20-day service delivery, SDNow will allow Windstream customers to advance their cloud migration and digital transformation efforts with the increased speed, agility and efficiency required for business innovation and success.”

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