Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Metaswitch's MaX delivers multi-persona collaboration for mobiles

Metaswitch introduced a communications and collaboration product family for mobile operators that delivers multi-persona call capabilities through the mobile native dialer.

The carrier-grade Metaswitch MaX platform lets mobile operators offer an add-on service where the customer can separate business and personal calling identities through the same service and with one device.

MaX can be deployed in three versions:

  • MaX Business allows micro and small businesses to take advantage of MaX’s shared voice and messaging capabilities to connect better with customers. This enables a group of employees with disparate mobile devices to interface with their customers through a common business number and to instantly collaborate internally via business information feeds and channels, thereby maximizing business efficiency, customer satisfaction and lead conversion.
  • MaX Family allows mobile-equipped families to create a familiar “fixed line” experience across any number of discrete mobile devices, complete with private message and collaboration feeds and the ability to create disposable numbers and temporary identities. 
  • MaX Prosumer allows individuals currently juggling multiple phones or SIM cards to be well- served by MNOs that can now deliver a sophisticated multi-persona solution across one or more personal devices.

MaX is currently in early trials with multiple mobile operators.

“We developed MaX by Metaswitch from the ground up for mobile network operators, recognizing the pain points of millions of users worldwide who are simply seeking a better mobile experience,” said Ian Maclean, CMO at Metaswitch. “Until now, these users have been forced to rely on over-the-top applications, none of which provide the functionality that MaX offers and all of which bypass the mobile operator’s core voice network. Mobile operators now can provide compelling new alternatives to OTT applications with a platform that serves ongoing innovation and revenue generation.”