Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Interxion announces European data center expansions

Interxion announced new expansion projects in seven cities across Europe to meet rising demand. The expansion will be funded with cash and committed loans.

Highlights of the projects:

  • In Amsterdam, Interxion will complete the remaining four phases of AMS8, totaling approximately 5,300 square meters (sqm) of equipped space and 10 MW of customer-available power when fully built out. The first two phases are scheduled to open in 4Q 2018 and the final two phases are scheduled to open in 1Q 2019. CAPEX for the remaining phases of AMS8 is approximately €63 million. Interxion has also acquired approximately 22,000 sqm of land adjacent to AMS8.
  • In Paris, Interxion will complete its PAR7 data center by adding an additional 2,000 sqm of equipped space and 4 MW of customer available power as well as upgrading the existing PAR7 power infrastructure. CAPEX is approximately €44 million.
  • In Vienna, in addition to the 1,600 sqm currently under construction and scheduled to be delivered by 3Q 2018, Interxion will add a further approximately 2,000 sqm scheduled for delivery by 3Q 2019. CAPEX is approximately €40 million.
  • In Madrid, Interxion will construct its third data center in a single 2,500 sqm phase with 5 MW of customer available power when fully built out. MAD3 is close to Interxion’s existing campus on land that Interxion intends to purchase in 1Q 2018 and is expected to open in 2Q 2019. MAD3 will be connected redundantly to the existing and proprietary campus fiber ring, providing access to over 80 carriers, ISPs, CDNs, and the ESpanix and DE-CIX Internet exchanges. CAPEX associated with MAD3, including the property purchase, is expected to be approximately €44 million.
  • In Copenhagen, Interxion will expand CPH2, with 900 sqm scheduled to open in 2Q 2018 and 600 sqm in 1Q 2019. CAPEX is approximately €18 million.
  • In Stockholm, Interxion will expand STO5 in two phases that will add approximately 400 sqm in 2Q 2018 and 800 sqm in 1Q 2019. CAPEX is expected to be approximately €18 million.
  • In Brussels, Interxion will add BRU2 which includes approximately 1,000 sqm of equipped space and 1 MW of customer available power. The new facility is scheduled for availability in 1Q 2018, and connects directly via dedicated fiber to the existing facilities at BRU1, providing access to over 100 connectivity providers, and the BNIX, NL-ix, AMS-IX, LINX, and DE-CIX internet exchanges. CAPEX is approximately €3 million.
“The increased pace of cloud adoption combined with an improving economy in Europe continues to drive broad-based demand for our colocation services across our entire footprint,” said David Ruberg, Interxion’s Chief Executive Officer. “With continuing demand from multiple communities of interest, these investments will allow us to meet the needs of our expanding customer base by adding approximately 15,500 square metres of equipped space. When combined with previously announced expansion projects, Interxion now has active expansion projects across its entire 11 country footprint totalling over 33,000 square metres which will increase the Company’s equipped space by over 25% compared to the end of 3Q 2017.”