Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Comcast boosts residential Internet speeds in California

Comcast is boosting the speeds of its Xfinity Internet service for existing customers in California at no additional cost. The company says the majority of its users will see an increase of 50 Mbps this month.

"We are committed to delivering a superior online experience along with the latest and greatest technology and boosting speeds is a testament to that,” said John Gauder, Regional Vice President, Comcast California. “We’ve increased internet speeds 18 times in the past 17 years, and we will continue to bring California customers the absolute fastest speeds possible by proactively investing in our advanced, high-performance network.”


Yes I am leery of Comcast offering free speed upgrades of 50Mbps as after the supposed initial free speed upgrade results in an automatic Comcastic high speed broadband six percent price increase; and yes Comcastic has done this for the past seventeen years eighteen times; I finally left Comcastic for Verizon Fios by changing my living location thankfully just so I could actually get Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection plan for $70 to $80 per month with no commitment and/or contracts whatsoever; needless to say I will never be returning to Comcastic ever again; just because its not greener on the other Comcastic side of the broadband fence; and yes Comcastic is truly the most hated, malevalent and truly greedy cable broadband internet service provider; good riddance to Comcastic finally as I am finally free from the dark malevalent Comcastic customer unfriendly abusive automatic six percent price increasing annual ritualistic increases for far to many years in a row that I have lost actual count; its been a truly mind numbing unbelievable "price gouging" experience indeed!!

Comcast is not great, but they aren’t that bad… I am at least grateful they have been aggressive about increasing speeds. To your point yes though we do all tire of the generous price increases they give themselves every year at our expense (which averages 2 to 3 times the inflation rate at least!!!).

And not to defend Comcast too much, but Verizonseems like just as big and greedy of a corporate sloth as any of them... it throws its weight around and increases its fees all the time too… Look at Verizon wireless what a joke.

If anyone here sees this and works at Comcast, I would like to give a huge thanks for the aggressive docsis 3.1 rollout. I call you out for the bad, but I also recognize you for the good. I also look forward to you aggressively rolling out docs is 3.1 full duplex in a couple years too, hopefully.

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