Monday, November 13, 2017

Verizon offers SD-WAN for wholesale customers

Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS) has launched a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution for wholesale customers.

Verizon said the new service provides its wholesale customers with better control of network operational costs while improving bandwidth efficiency.

Key features of Verizon Partner Solution’s SD-WAN

  • Transport independence: IPsec overlay and traffic distribution over multiple paths, with built-in load balancing and automatic fail-over capability.
  • Application optimization: centralized network visibility and control, as well as quality of service and bandwidth management with traffic shaping.
  • Intelligent path control: policy-based routing, which assigns a traffic path based on source, destination or application; and dynamic path selection, which chooses a traffic path per-application based on loss, latency and jitter.
  • Secure connectivity that features intuitive, AES encryption to maintain data privacy.
  • Centralized SDN control and policy management that helps Enterprise scale efficiently

“Verizon’s SD-WAN solution essentially gives enterprises the best of both worlds - the power of the Internet and the performance and reliability of a private IP network - to help them keep up with the continued growth of network traffic,” said Eric Cevis, Verizon Partner Solutions. “Network traffic demand continues to increase due to SaaS applications, cloud migrations, video and IoT. SD WAN improves bandwidth usage and enables the network to act as a sensor to enhance delivery of applications.”

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