Wednesday, October 18, 2017

GTT announces low-latency routes, time synchronization service

GTT Communications is now offering ultra-low latency transport services to key financial centers in Latin America, Asia and Africa. These include New York to Mexico City, Hong Kong to Tokyo, Hong Kong to Singapore, Mumbai to Singapore, and Johannesburg to London. The new routes run on GTT’s recently launched Ethernet Direct service platform, which is highly scalable and customizable to meet unique capacity, diversity and latency performance requirements. The company is offering a latency service level agreement on these routes.

GTT is also launching a Time Synchronization service, offering clients a single source of time across their entire trading infrastructure. This can be used to correlate data sets and time-stamp trade executions within sub-microsecond Coordinated Universal Time accuracy.

“Our new ultra-low latency routes and Time Synchronization service build upon GTT’s leadership and commitment to the financial services sector,” stated Rick Calder, GTT president and CEO. “Clients can benefit from enhanced reach throughout the global financial trading ecosystem, as well as unparalleled latency, security and accuracy, providing them with immediate access to financial trading information and a competitive advantage.”

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