Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oclaro show coherent transceiver for 400G and 600G wavelengths

Oclaro is getting ready to sample its first photonic integrated coherent transmitters (ICTs) and intradyne coherent receiver (ICRs) for 400G and 600G wavelengths. The devices, which could be configured for multiple data rates, are designed for high-performance coherent optical systems for applications ranging from data center interconnects (DCIs) to ultra-long haul transmission.

Oclaro 64Gbaud ICT combines an ultra narrow line width laser with a high-bandwidth dual QPSK Mach Zehnder Modulator to support flexible baud rates up to 64Gbaud and 64-QAM modulation. The device has an integrated semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), a tunable filter and a variable optical attenuator (VOA). It also includes a local oscillator (LO) feed with +12dBm output power for optimal receiver performance.

The photonic intregration uses indium phosphide technology.

Oclaro is showcasing these two new products at this week's ECOC Exhibition in Sweden. Sampling is expected in Q4 2017.

"With our ICR and ICT product offerings, customers will be able to design high-performance coherent systems that are both flexible in the bandwidth offered per port and cost competitive by maximizing the data that can be carried on a single wavelength," said Beck Mason, President, Integrated Photonics Business Unit at Oclaro.