Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Inphi expands PAM4 DSP portfolio for 50G-400G

Inphi Corp. has expanded its 16nm Polaris PAM4 DSP portfolio for next generation 50G-400G cloud deployments. The new Polaris PAM4 DSP PHY ICs, which are now sampling, provide a full bi-directional interface with host ASICs that have 28GBaud PAM4 and NRZ electrical interfaces while bridging to 28GBaud PAM4 optics.

Inphi's 16nm CMOS PAM4 platform is based on four generations of DSP engines. The new devices will support both integrated and non-integrated driver capabilities spanning short reach optical applications, and longer distances of fiber enabled by the use of an external driver.

Polaris 16nm PAM4 DSP PHY with Integrated Driver features:

  • InphiNity DSP Engine with a unique mixed-mode DSP architecture for high-performance, low power applications needing adaptability and configurability
  • Numerous self-test and loopback modes that allow diagnostic monitoring of channel and system parameters
  • Eye-scan, samplers and monitors on all receiver interfaces for link margin and stress testing along with GUI and API routines for data and error analytics
  • Low power 16nm CMOS

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