Wednesday, September 20, 2017

II-VI debuts Optical Line Subsystem for DCI

Pittsburgh-based II-VI Incorporated introduced an Optical Line Subsystem platform for datacenter interconnects (DCI).

The new subsystem is optimized for direct-detect DWDM transceivers, including the new COLORZ-Lite 100G PAM4 based on the COLORZ silicon photonics platform from Inphi Corp.

II-VI’s Optical Line Subsystem multiplexes, amplifies and demultiplexes multiple wavelengths of COLORZ-Lite data streams to achieve a combined transmission rate of up to 4 Tb/s over a 20 km reach in a compact one rack
unit (1RU) form factor.

“The COLORZ-Lite direct-detect DWDM technology enables cloud service providers to alleviate fiber exhaust resulting from the high usage of 100G grey optics,” commented Dr. Loi Nguyen, founder, SVP, Optical Interconnect, Inphi. “The key to achieving this is the II-VI Optical Line Subsystem technology, which enables the transport of direct-detect data streams at significantly lower cost points than any other competing solution.”

II-VI demonstrated its Optical Line Subsystem and the COLORZ-Lite 100G PAM4 platforms at ECOC 2017.


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