Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gigamon Extends its Visibility Platform for Azure

Gigamon is extending its data-in-motion Visibility Platform to include the Microsoft Azure environment to ensure that data-in-motion entering, traversing or leaving the cloud can be protected and monitored by existing security operations centers.

Key features:

  • One consistent method to acquire network traffic and apply traffic intelligence before distributing to multiple tools.
  • Centralized orchestration and single-pane-of-glass visualization of the Gigamon Visibility Platform across the entire infrastructure – on-premise, public and private cloud. Traffic policies are defined using a simple drag-n-drop user interface.
  • Tight integration with Azure APIs and Azure Monitor to automatically detect changes in Azure Virtual Networks.
  • Centralized visibility for security monitoring of all Azure Virtual Networks in an enterprise.

"Our customers around the globe require a solution that provides the same level of visibility in their cloud, virtualized and on-premise environments allowing them to leverage the knowledge and processes they've built as they work to secure their enterprise and cloud networks," said Ananda Rajagopal, vice president of products at Gigamon.

Gigamon Debuts Visibility Platform on AWS

Gigamon released its data-in-motion visibility platform on AWS. The Gigamon Visibility Platform for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) enables enterprises to gain visibility into network traffic in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), eliminating both the visibility gap and the need for custom agents. It provides the ability to consolidate and distribute traffic to multiple security and management tools while supporting Gigamon’s patented...